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Yoga for Beginners


Yoga has so many benefits including lower blood pressure, increased strength, bone density and reduced anxiety – should be enough to get anyone started.


However, as a yoga teacher I meet many people who hesitate to embrace this ancient form of fitness due to some pervasive myths. Yoga is too slow and boring; it's practised in stuffy, incense-filled rooms; it's just for girls and people who are into chanting. And – most misguided of all – yoga is only for the flexible.


The instructor slowly breaks down the postures allowing everyone to go at their own pace. Our open level classes have all levels of students in them, so please feel free to join us at any time. If you don’t have a yoga mat we do provide rentals mats for R10.


Come to class well hydrated and with an empty stomach. No need to book in advance for our classes, but please arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you have enough time to get settled. We have change rooms available if needed.


All yoga styleshave been influencedby BKS Iyengarwho introduced theingenious use of props.




Iyengar Yoga




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